Marcia Simon, team leader

Marcia Simon is principal communicator, tapped into a network of public relations professionals coast to coast.

Marcia Simon, APR
With a keen ability to read between the lines, Marcia has built a reputation based on highest of standards, business ethics and honesty. Trust is everything when it comes to journalistic integrity, client relations and media relations. Prior to MSE, Marcia worked as a broadcast journalist, video producer/script writer and a senior-level team member for other PR agencies and highly visible clients. She’s a news junkie, and loves brainstorming, creating plans, rolling up her sleeves and getting into the action.

“Hope for the best; plan for the worst. Always have a backup. Then go sailing.”
Erik Vuoritie
Erik is an engineering graduate student focused on renewable energy and, in particular, offshore wind power. He works with MSE as a troubleshooter, IT coach and trainer, helping with newest hacks and solutions. Erik is also a wicked classical guitarist who performs along the Connecticut shoreline when he is home from school in Denmark.

"You can do it if you invest the time to learn it and stay focused."