Emfit’s Embedded Sleep Technology – Sensing a Need for Smart Solutions Among Mattress Manufacturers

Posted by on January 9, 2018

JANUARY 7, Las Vegas, NV, USA at CES 2018 – Emfit Ltd, the leading healthtech company known for its ferroelectret sensor technology, showcases its newest contact-free sleep tracking capabilities at #CES2018 in the Health and Wellness Marketplace.

EMFIT QS TM (Quantified Sleep) provides a competitive edge to top-tier athletes, including Finland’s national cross country ski team, Poland’s CCC Sprandi Polkowice cycling team, and triathletes in the US and abroad. Part of the attraction is Emfit’s contact-free sleep tracking that accurately measures heart rate variability (HRV), a key indicator of recovery from physical exercise to optimize training and performance.

EMFIT QS is also the sleep monitor of choice for families caring for elders at risk of nighttime wandering and falls.

For mattress manufacturers and the OEM bedding market

“Emfit’s newly upgraded sensors can be embedded into queen and king-size mattresses with enough sensitivity and accuracy to isolate the heart and breathing patterns of the primary user when two people share a bed,” said Emfit co-founder and CEO Heikki Raisanen. “Emfit’s secure cloud-based IoT platform and API allow the bed to become truly part of smart home IoT. Benefits include remote monitoring and data sharing at the user’s discretion,” Raisanen added.

The NGmatt 2.0TM (New Generation Mattress) developed by Descansare Sleep Lab will be on display and demonstrated at CES 2018. It’s the first mattress to measure full-night heart rate variability (HRV) along with fitness, fatigue and other indicators of general health. The NGmatt 2.0 combines Emfit’s patented dynamic pressure sensors with Descansare Sleep Lab’s unique technology that automatically adjusts the pressure of up to 16 air-bladders for maximizing sleep.

For athletes

Emfit’s ballistocardiography measurements give deep insight into recovery, visually displaying the effects of stress on the body, enabling athletes to see how their sleep affects daily performance and preparedness for competition and overall wellness. This added tool for athletes and coaches signals when to train harder or when to rest after and before events. It’s a real advantage when competing at a level where every fraction of a second can mean the difference at the finish line.

Watch Emfit’s athletic training video

For individuals

Emfit is launching its upgraded sensor technology to provide more stability when monitoring movement and breathing readings for one individual when two people share a bed. The flex-material sensor pad slides easily under the mattress for comfortable contact-free sleep.

Emfit’s sensors have been used in numerous scientific studies. These sensors provide highly accurate readings for:

  • Heart rate
  • Heart rate variability
  • Time in bed, bed exits and returns
  • Sleep time
  • Stages of sleep (deep, light, REM, total)
  • And more

EMFIT QS upgrades include:

  • Designed for smart home integration, monitoring room temperature and humidity
  • Added Bluetooth for easier initial Wi-Fi setup and use during travel
  • Autonomous – no app, software or phone required; no batteries to charge; data is stored in a secure cloud server
  • Dashboard can be easily shared as desired, with comprehensive visual graphs.
  • 10-hour minimum buffer memory expandable with micro SD card to store longer periods of data
  • USB-C allows data output to other peripherals, also from cloud.

 About Emfit Ltd

Emfit Ltd is the world’s leading manufacturer of healthtech products using quasi-piezoelectric ferroelectret sensor technology embedded in sleep and seizure monitors. Emfit’s sensors are also used in sports equipment, smart buildings, musical instruments, touch-sensitive human interfaces and several manufacturing industries. Founded in 1990, Emfit is headquartered in Finland with subsidiaries in USA and China. www.emfit.com, @emfit, facebook.com/emfitqs

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