EMFIT QS (Quantified Sleep) Wakes Up Athletes and Caregivers to the Benefits of Sleep Tracking with Heart Rate Variability

Posted by on August 31, 2017

AUGUST 31, 2017 (Berlin, Germany at IFA 2017) –EMFIT, the healthtech company from Finland known for its sensor technology embedded in sleep and seizure monitors, introduces the only contact-free health monitor that provides recovery and readiness analysis based on whole-night heart rate variability (HRV).

HRV – the variation in time between a person’s individual heartbeats – is considered an indicator of aerobic fitness and various health conditions including stress and sleep apnea. In the sports world, HRV helps determine how an athlete’s body reacts and adapts to the stresses of training and indicates readiness for competition.

EMFIT sleep monitors are now used in more than 60 countries. Caregivers can use EMFIT to remotely monitor the bed routine and sleep habits of a family member who is at risk of falling or may wander due to dementia or memory loss. Discreet tracking detects when someone is in or out of bed, awake or asleep.

Having undergone 25 years of clinical evaluation to monitor sleep and breathing patterns, EMFIT’s highly sensitive sensors are embedded into a soft, flexible material. The user simply places the contact-free EMFIT QS under the mat­tress, and does not feel it, hear it, or inadvertently move it during sleep.

The benefits of EMFIT QS for sports performance, health care, elder care and smart home integration include:

  • Measures heart and breathing rate, heart rate variability, stress levels, sleep quality, length of time for deep, REM light sleep and total sleep
  • Detects whether the user is in bed/out of bed, awake/asleep
  • Autonomous monitoring system uses WiFi or a cellular signal to automatically send data to a secure cloud server
  • Placement UNDER the mattress means it’s discreet, comfortable and durable
  • Personal dashboard displays comprehensive reports about physical recovery, stress levels, and sleep quality. No app or software to download
  • Programmable to send notifications, daily wellness reports and other information
  • Lightweight and easily travels with you for training, business or vacation
  • Several APIs for integration with smart home IoT systems

When you sleep well you perform better during the day, physically, mentally, emotionally, academically, competitively and safely. Interestingly, many people don’t know if they are sleeping well or not. EMFIT QS has the answer.


EMFIT is the world’s leading manufacturer of healthtech products using quasi-piezoelectric ferroelectret sensor technology embedded in sleep and seizure monitors, sports equipment, smart buildings, musical instruments, touch-sensitive human interfaces and several manufacturing industries. Founded in 1990, EMFIT is headquartered in Finland with subsidiaries in USA and China. www.emfit.com, @emfit@emfit_qs, facebook.com/EmfitCorp