Great Coffee and Community Spirit at Julie’s Cup of Joe

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by Marcia Simon, APR It’s been just over one year since Julie and Joe Campbell opened Julie’s Cup of Joe, on Route 1 in Westbrook, Connecticut. In addition to hot,

Friendly Group Travel Extends Travel Opportunities

Sep/10 By

Media Contact: Marcia Simon, APR, CTA,, +1 860-395-7244 Sep 10, 2018 (WESTBROOK, CT USA)  – Friendly Group Travel has launched. The new Westbrook-based travel agency shares a positive view of life

The Next Big Merger – Public Relations and Marketing

Sep/7 By

by Marcia Simon, APR You could call it a collision course – or a logical evolution of the Public Relations (PR) trade, which has always been misunderstood to varying degrees.

In Defense of Another Vacation

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by Marcia Simon, APR, CTA Vacation helps you regain energy, think more clearly, shed stress, restore a positive attitude and put life into perspective. This all leads to motivation to

Sexual Harassment – Where’s the Line?

Dec/5 By

by Marcia Simon, APR Skeletons in the closet can shatter a career in less than a week. How many men are now holding their breath, hoping they don’t get outed

Six Ways to Blow It With a Journalist

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by Marcia Simon, APR – If you want to have a good relationship with the media so journalists respond to your emails, and consider you a trusted and reliable source,

Resolutions at Work

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by Marcia Simon, APR How many New Year resolutions have you broken so far? How about the one about not making resolutions? Try as we might to avoid this annual

The Art of Listening

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It takes great discipline to keep your mouth shut – when dieting and when listening. To stay lean and mean as an effective communicator, you need to gobble up information

Nice Legs Add Value Amid Tightening Budgets

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With PR and marketing budgets being scrutinized, justifying all expenditures in these departments is a necessary evil. In the Connecticut healthcare arena, for example, proposed changes in the state budget