Virtual Voice Assistants Do What Websites Can’t

Nov/26 By

by Marcia Simon, APR (Note: A version of this article was first published in Strategic Health Care Marketing.) “Alexa, what is rotator cuff tendinitis?” “Alexa, where’s the nearest urgent care

Telemedicine – When Patients Make the Call

Oct/4 By

by Marcia Simon, APR Note: a version of this post originally appeared in Strategic Health Care Marketing. Consumers want faster access to health care, providers want to improve the patient

Telemedicine – Bringing Medical Specialists to a Neighborhood Near You

Oct/2 By

by Marcia Simon, APR Note: a version of this post originally appeared in Strategic Health Care Marketing. Gundersen Health System is rooted in a main hospital campus in La Crosse,

Scalp Cooling Treatment Reduces Chemo Hair Loss

Jun/8 By

by Marcia Simon, APR Alopecia, or hair loss, is a side effect of many types of chemotherapy, and a major cause of anxiety for most patients undergoing cancer treatment. The

Restaurant Review – Fresh Side, Amherst, MA

May/5 By

by Marcia Simon Fresh Side, 39 South Pleasant St., Amherst, MA I love the vibe at Fresh Side, a cozy and eclectic “Asian Fusion” restaurant in the center of Amherst.

Drowsy Driving – Steer Clear of this Growing Danger

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by Marcia Simon, APR More people today sleep less than they should, turning to sleep aids and caffeine stimulants, believing they can multitask their way through the day without missing

Resetting Your Food Habits With Whole30 – Day 1

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By Marcia Simon January 8, 2018  I finally started the Whole30 food program. Don’t call it a diet because it’s not about losing weight, although most people find that they’ve

How Healthy Are You?

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by Marcia Simon, APR  Blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, BMI. Do you know your numbers? You should. Are you an apple or a pear? These are key indicators of overall health

Diabetes and Your Heart – What’s the Connection?

Oct/24 By

by Marcia Simon, APR Why does diabetes, a sugar condition, affect the heart? Why are people with diabetes more than twice as likely to die from heart disease than adults

Taking the HIIT for Weight Control and Better Health

May/16 By

by Marcia Simon The logical way to lose weight is to keep your mouth shut. But if you love to eat and need an efficient way to burn those extra