Voiceovers and Narration

Marcia Simon is a narrator and voiceover talent. This stems from her on-air work in radio and television news prior to launching a public relations career. In fact, public relations was an evolution that came from the production world … narration turned into script rewrites, rewrites turned into script writing assignments which turned into a promotional video writer/producer role, and from there the promotion/publicity/PR took on a life of its own. All the while, Marcia has kept one hand in the voiceover field, starting out with booth announcing for ESPN and WTNH TV, lots of commercials, and then moving toward long-form (particularly e-learning) narration for pharmaceutical companies at the global level, customer service training at the national level and assorted projects at regional levels. Having worked with healthcare, medical, healthtech and consumer tech, B2B tech, Marcia is experienced at reading complicated technical-sounding copy and making it flow with proper inflection and a friendly, intelligent, professional tone.

A broadcast-quality home recording studio allows Marcia to deliver either raw or lightly edited tracks (wav, mp3, mp4, aai formats), record onsite in the Connecticut/NY area or via other arrangement per request.

 Employee training – Harassment – Marcia Simon demo:
 Podcast – Bluetooth Radio – Marcia Simon demo:
Radio Spot and Billboard – Marcia Simon demo:
e-learning – NutriCollege – Marcia Simon demo:

For booking or audition, contact directly: 860-399-0191 or marcia@mseusa.com.