About Us

MSE (Marcia Simon Enterprises, LLC) is a full service, boutique public relations company specializing in health care, healthtech, greentech and travel. (We work in other areas, too, as long as we find the project compelling.)

MSE delivers measurable results, made possible through decades of experience in healthcare and technology PR. Our standards are high, ethics unyielding and journalistic principles well respected. Explore our capabilities.

Our team is skilled in effective communication for consumer as well as business (B2B) audiences. We also have a solid track record of delivering results in C2B (consumer to business), also known as inbound marketing, which involves driving audiences to a client’s website.

MSE was founded by Marcia Simon, a broadcast journalist (radio and TV) who yearned for something more personally rewarding.

Criteria for accepting work and clients:

  1. Each project must be worthy of attention at either the global, national, regional or local level.
  2. The people involved must treat us kindly and with respect.
  3. If there’s an element of fun or social consciousness, we will find it. No one has time for “boring.” This is true when engaging with an online audience, as well as how we choose to spend our work and play time.